15 DIY Homemade Outdoor Grill Ideas for Backyard Fun

Homemade Outdoor Grill Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning all the backyard barbecues and fun in the sun. But who wants to keep lugging out that same old portable grill every time? This year, upgrade your outdoor cooking setup with a customized, DIY backyard grill station.

With a homemade grill built right into your patio or landscape, you’ll have a dedicated space for flipping burgers, smoking ribs, and gathering with friends and family. The options for DIY grill stations are endless – get creative with materials like brick, stone, and concrete to build the outdoor cooking center of your dreams.

15 Amazing DIY homemade outdoor grill ideas:

1. Brick Barbecue Grill

For a classic, timeless look, you can’t go wrong with a sturdy brick barbecue grill station. Laying the bricks yourself gives you the freedom to customize the shape and add creative details.

Build a rounded grill area for more flexibility or make a rectangular brick frame for a more structured aesthetic. No matter the shape, bricks give your DIY grill a refined yet rugged, outdoorsy vibe. Add a stone or concrete countertop next to the grill for prep space and complete the look with a brick or flagstone patio.

2. Cinder Block Grill

Cinder blocks make the perfect economical option for a homemade grill base. Their hollow centers are great for filling with sand or gravel to prevent tipping.

Stack the blocks two high on three sides to create a u-shape cutout for your grill. Affordable and easy to source, you can build this backyard BBQ station on a budget. Paint the blocks a fresh color or leave plain for an industrial look. Add a plywood plank for a prep surface.

3. Wooden Grill Cart

Bring a charming cottage feel to your cookouts with a homemade wooden grill cart on wheels. Construct the cart frame from 2x4s or 2x6s to provide plenty of support.

Attach two wheels to one end so you can easily move the grill in and out of place. Add wooden crates or cubbies on the lower shelves for storing grilling tools and supplies. With a distressed paint wash, this mobile BBQ station looks straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog.

4. Terracotta Grill

For a unique, handcrafted grill design, terracotta pots make excellent DIY fire pits. You’ll need at least two large pots for this project.

Place pots together, with their openings aligned. Fill the bottom with gravel, sand, or firebricks before setting the grill grate on top. The terracotta clay absorbs and radiates heat evenly for effective grilling. Decorate the pots with mosaic tiles or leave plain for a modern, minimalist look.

5. Concrete Countertop Grill

A concrete countertop next to your DIY grill provides a seamless built-in look. Form the thick concrete top right on the patio or lawn where you want your grill.

Before the concrete cures, press or sculpt it into shape. Embed Mexican beach pebbles or broken tile pieces into the top for texture. The concrete surface stands up to hot cookware and messy BBQ prep. Finish it off with a food-safe sealer.

6. Patio Cooler and Grill Combo

Get your patio ready for summer bashes with this all-in-one entertainment station. Use concrete blocks to build the base, then attach a wooden plank top.

Cut a hole in the top for a recessed cooler so drinks stay chilled while freeing up counter space. Have the grill nearby for easy access to both cooking and chilling. The compact setup maximizes your patio real estate for a crowd.

7. Nesting Grill Station

Maximize patio space with a nesting grill station made from stock kitchen cabinets. Use a base cabinet for the grill, flanked by upper cabinets on both sides for storage. For ample counter space, attach a butcher block countertop.

The cabinetry system gives you a built-in look on a budget. Keep grilling tools and accessories organized inside the cabinet drawers and shelves. Close up the whole station when not in use.

8. Charcoal Grill Island

Elevate your backyard barbecue game with a customized charcoal grill island. The standalone unit gives you tons of counter space plus storage for all your grilling gear.

Use concrete, stone or brick to construct the base then add a counter surface. Include custom cubbies, cabinets, shelves or drawers to organize utensils, spices, charcoal, etc. Top it off with a heavy duty charcoal grill from your local home improvement store.

9. Rolling Bar Cart

Add a fun, movable element to your patio with a rolling bar cart grill. Repurpose a metal wire cart or wood wine rack into a mobile cooking station.

Attach heavy duty locking casters to the legs so you can roll the unit wherever needed. Throw the grill right on top and stash grilling tools and accessories on the lower shelves. Bring the cooking flavors right to your patio furniture or dining table.

10. Outdoor Dining Table with Built-In Grill

Take your outdoor dining space to the next level with a full cooking and eating station in one. Transform a regular patio dining table by cutting a hole in the center for a built-in gas or charcoal grill.

Surround the grill with tabletop for plating food fresh off the BBQ. Keep grilling tools and ingredients within arm’s reach. Dine in luxury with a custom grilling and dining experience.

11. DIY BBQ Island with Cinder Blocks

Use affordable cinder blocks to construct a customized grilling island for your backyard oasis. Stack the blocks in a square shape for a sturdy base, filling the hollow centers with sand or gravel for extra stability.

Top with a sheet of plywood cut to size, secured with construction adhesive and wood screws. Finish up the tabletop edges with trim pieces. Customize your DIY BBQ island with wooden shelving, cabinets, cooler space, etc.

12. Pallet Wood Grill

For a rustic, country grill station, use recycled shipping pallets. Deconstruct pallets to harvest the weathered wood planks, then screw them back together into a table frame.

Affix heavy duty casters to make the grill mobile. Stain or paint the pallet wood and decorate with trim details. A pallet wood grill cart brings vintage farmhouse charm to any cookout.

13. Barbecue Grill with Pergola

Build your dream grilling pergola by setting wooden posts into concrete. Add roof beams across the top then fill in with rafters in a classic pergola style.

Under the shaded pergola, place your grill and add a counter surface to one side for food prep. The covered structure provides shelter from weather and sun while grilling. Drape with lights and dangling vines or flowers.

14. Stone Covered Grill Island

For a natural yet polished BBQ station, construct a grill island wrapped in stacked stone. Build a plywood frame reinforced with 2x4s. Then lay weathered flagstones or fieldstone with outdoor construction adhesive.

In the center, leave an opening for your barbecue grill. The neutral tones and organic texture of the stone give any yard a high-end look. Add a concrete or butcher block counter surface next to the grill.

15. Grill Station with Free Plans

Keep costs down by using free DIY plans for your backyard grill station. Various websites and blogs offer step-by-step instructions for building a customized BBQ island using standard lumber and stock materials.

Follow the plans as written or modify to suit your space and needs. Having detailed plans handy makes constructing your own grill station much more approachable. And you save money by not hiring a contractor.


With an imagination and little DIY inspiration, you can upgrade your outdoor cooking setup from basic to spectacular. Whether you opt for a mobile grilling cart, permanent brick barbecue or built-in grill island, a customized station makes cooking outdoor feasts much more exciting.

Applied finishing touches like countertops, storage, lighting, and landscaping integrate your DIY grill masterfully into your patio or yard. Whip up these homemade grilling stations in time for summer and get ready for your best backyard BBQ season yet!


What are the benefits of a DIY backyard grill station?

Building your own grill station allows you to customize the size, features, materials and aesthetic. You can match your unique outdoor space and grilling needs. DIY also costs less than buying a premade unit.

What safety tips should you follow for DIY grill stations?

What are the best materials for countertops next to the grill?

Concrete, stone, and butcher block are smart choices for DIY grill station countertops since they resist heat damage, stains and moisture. Stainless steel is another durable option. Avoid real wood counters which can scorch.

How much space do you need for a built-in grill area?

Ideally allow 4-6 feet clearance on all sides of the grill for safety and easy access. Include at least 3 feet of countertop next to or across from the grill.

Can you turn a portable grill into a permanent station?

Yes, you can take a standard portable charcoal or gas grill and secure it into a permanent DIY surround. Just be sure it has adequate ventilation and meets safety codes for appropriate clearances.

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