15 Brick Grill Ideas for Your Backyard

15 Brick Grill Ideas

When designing your backyard grilling oasis, classic brick is a timeless material choice that infuses traditional warmth and beauty. From stunning full brick enclosures to a simple brick accent wall, brick barbecue builds impart cozy Old World charm.

Brick’s natural colors and artisan-crafted imperfections pair perfectly with the smoky, hands-on grilling experience. Durable and affordable, brick also withstands exposure to heat, grease and weather.

Ready to bring timeworn character to your outdoor cooking space? These 15 brick grill ideas will have you firing up barbecue feasts in backyard bliss in no time.

Brick’s handsome aesthetic and durability has made it a go-to cladding for grills, smokers, pizza ovens and fireplaces through the ages. Both solid brick masonry and brick veneer can create stunning surrounds for built-in grills.

Mix brick shapes and layout patterns for added visual interest. Whitewashed mortar creates a charming cottage look, or go modern with sleek gray grout lines. Combine with other materials like natural stone for depth and contrast. Get inspired by these stunning designs to build your backyard brick barbecue today!

15 Charming and Durable Brick Grill Ideas for Your Backyard

1. Cozy Backyard BBQ Oasis with Brick Barrier

Transport yourself to a quaint countryside retreat with a full brick enclosure surrounding your backyard grill. Use a mix of bricks and sizes to build up the walls, allowing gaps for airflow.

Add a brick floor and comfy seating around a fire pit. String lights overhead complete the cozy ambiance. You may never want to leave this charming backyard BBQ oasis.

2. Open Grill with Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks offer budget-friendly brick style for your DIY grill build. Stack blocks in a U-shape, using concrete adhesive to secure. Fill the hollow centers with sand or gravel.

Leave an opening for your grill. The unfinished cinder block look provides rugged, industrial edge. Paint blocks in bold colors for a pop of fun.

3. Backyard Grill with Argentinian Brick Concept

Achieve a rustic Argentinian asado feel with decorated brick grill walls. Use carved clay bricks molded into decorative shapes and patterns.

Or add custom tile, metal and terracotta accents. Whitewash the mortar lines for an authentic ranch-style look. Fire up your grill for meat, veggie and cheese feasts.

4. Classic Brick Barbecue

You can’t go wrong surrounding your grill in traditional red brick. Lay bricks in the classic running bond pattern with thick grout lines, or spice it up with a herringbone design.

Use brick veneer over a sturdy base if weight is a concern. The timeless red brick barbecue build fits right in to any backyard.

5. Brick Grill with Built-In Pizza Oven

Construct your brick surround wide enough to house both your grill and a built-in pizza oven. Use firebricks rated for high heat inside the oven.

With grill and oven incorporated into one station, you have the best of backyard cooking covered. Guests can snack on grilled apps while anticipating oven-fresh pizza.

6. Multiple Cooking Areas with Brick Grill

Build an extra-wide brick grill structure to allow different cooking options. Include your standard BBQ grill plus spaces for a smoker box, rotisserie spit or infrared burner.

Or add openings for Dutch ovens and flat grilling surfaces. The all-in-one brick cooking hub lets you charcoal grill, rotisserie, smoke and more.

7. Brick Grill with Work Surfaces

Flank your brick barbecue grill with ample counters and prep space. Use large slabs of smooth stone or poured concrete for work areas on either side of the grill.

The expansive surfaces let you work comfortably next to the heat source. Plus, foods come off the grill directly onto serving platters.

8. Elegant Covered Patio Grill and Pizza Oven

Construct your dream outdoor cooking station beneath a covered patio or pavilion. Build up elegant brick walls to enclose the space.

Include your top-of-the-line grill and a brick oven, all topped by a decorative timber frame roof. Cook while staying dry and enjoying sweet backyard views.

9. DIY Brick Barbecue Video Tutorial

One of the best parts of a brick grill is that it’s totally DIY friendly. There are great step-by-step video tutorials online showing how to build a basic brick BBQ enclosure in your own yard over a weekend.

Gather materials like bricks, sand, gravel and mortar. Watch and learn bricklaying basics like preparing a solid foundation and achieving consistent spacing and patterns. Get hands-on satisfaction grilling savory feasts on your hand-built creation.

10. Simple Brick Grill Design

If you’re new to masonry, start with a simple single-wall brick grill design. Build a concrete footing then lay bricks to create a single long rectangle to fit your grill.

Aim for consistent 3⁄8 inch spacing and plumb corners. Only basic tools like a trowel, level and rubber mallet are needed. Dress it up later with a stone mantel shelf or tile backsplash.

11. Brick Grill with a Brick Barrier

Make your freestanding grill feel like a built-in with a decorative brick wall behind it. Build the wall as high as your grill or higher for shelving.

Use veneer panels adhered to fence posts spaced a few inches out from the wall. The brick backer reflects heat, amplifies aroma and adds tons of charm.

12. Brick Grill with Stone Work

Mix materials to add visual interest to your brick grill design. Use irregular cut flagstone or field stone for countertops and accents.

Or add a chic stone mantel overhead, carved from limestone or sandstone. The contrasting organic textures play up the warmth of the brickwork.

13. Brick Grill with Stainless Steel Accents

juxtapose the rugged brick construction with sleek stainless steel trim pieces. Use steel for the grill hood, control knobs, warming racks, and doors.

Add brushed metal paneling along the front for contemporary edge. The blend of natural brick and polished metal creates an upscale look.

14. Compact Brick Grill for Small Spaces

Even the tiniest courtyards and patios can incorporate brick barbecue style. Build a narrow single wall to perfectly fit your petite gas grill. Or make a mini two-wall surround for a tailgate-sized charcoal unit.

With smart measurements and creative layout, you can enjoy brick grill beauty regardless of backyard footprint.

15. Brick Grill with a Chimney

Make a showstopping chimney the focal point of your custom brick grill design. Construct the chimney from matching bricks or contrasting stone at one end.

Let it rise well above the cooking surface to effectively pull smoke and heat. The architectural chimney element injects lofty character into your alfresco cooking space.


Handcrafted brick lends backyard barbecuing an irresistible old world allure. Whether you crave a cozy entertaining nook or stately grilling centerpiece, brick delivers on aesthetics, durability and authenticity. Spend some time browsing designs to create your ideal brickwork grill then get ready to fire it up for endless summers of smoky joy!

FAQs About Building Brick Grills

1. How to make outdoor grill with bricks?

  • Start with a solid concrete foundation for stability and levelness. Use standard house bricks or high heat bricks rated for hearth applications.
  • Plan dimensions to allow ventilation and access. Use a mortar mix recommended for exterior masonry projects.
  • Lay bricks in your preferred pattern, spacing bricks evenly. Allow the grill opening while completing the brick enclosure.

2. Are bricks safe for BBQ?

Yes, standard and high heat bricks are designed to withstand and insulate from the high temperatures used in grilling, smoking and baking. Ensure you use solid, kiln-fired brick rather than softer adobe style bricks.

3. What bricks to use for outdoor grill?

Good options include classic red house bricks, fire bricks, clay pavers andconcrete bricks. Look for solid bricks labeled heat resistant or fire resistant. Avoid soft, porous bricks. Stacked stone or broken brick fragments are also unsuitable.

4. What mortar for brick BBQ?

Use high heat mortar rated for temperatures up to 2500°F, stronger than standard mortar. This ensures the mortar won’t crack or crumble under grilling heat. Type S Mortar and Fireplace Mortar Mix are good options.

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