15 Amazing Cinder Block Grill Ideas

Cinder Block Grill Ideas

When it comes to finding an affordable, heavy-duty material to construct your backyard grill or outdoor kitchen, look no further than the humble cinder block. These structural workhorses build strong foundations for grills, kitchens, bars and fire pits that last.

Cinder blocks keep costs low but allow for gorgeous finished results. Their hollow, modular design provides endless options for DIY customization too. Get inspired by these creative designs to build your own cinder block grilling oasis!

With their modular shape, light weight and built-in cavities, cinder blocks make building backyard cooking stations a breeze. But they deliver so much more than convenience. Interlocking blocks form ultra-sturdy structures that withstand weather and heavy grill weights.

Their unfinished, industrial look pairs perfectly with backyard leisure vibes. Customize cinder blocks with paint, stucco, stone or tile to match any style. Integrate grill and kitchen essentials like shelving, storage and counters into the design. Durable cinder blocks bring your dream outdoor living space to life at a fraction of the cost of other materials.

15 Sturdy and Customizable Cinder Block Grill Ideas for Your Backyard

1. DIY Cinder Block Grill

One of the easiest options is a simple DIY cinder block grill that you can build in an afternoon. Stack blocks two high in a U-shape, filling the cavities with sand or gravel for stability.

Leave an opening for your grill. Finish with a plywood plank counter and add shelves as desired. Paint or stain the blocks in your color scheme.

2. Cinder Block Smoker Grill

Tailor your cinder block grill for flawless smoking by including an offset firebox. Build a rectangular block enclosure with an opening on one end to stoke the fire.

Install your grill grate on the opposite side to sit above the smoke. Add extra blocks vertically to raise the grill and improve airflow.

3. Outdoor Kitchen with Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks aren’t just for grills – build your whole outdoor kitchen with these budget-friendly lifesavers. Create the base from a grid of blocks, then add counter tops, cabinets, shelving and appliances.

Use blocks horizontally as a backsplash then paint for a sleek accent wall. Their durability makes cinder blocks ideal for outdoor kitchens.

4. Cinder Block Fire Pit Grill

Maximize patio real estate by building a cinder block fire pit and grill-in-one. Shape blocks in a square to contain the fire pit. Include a vent hole in the center for airflow.

On two adjacent sides, stack additional blocks and place your grill grate on top so you can slide it over the fire to grill up dinner in no time.

5. Customizable Cinder Block BBQ

Cinder blocks’ boxy modular design allows for total customization. Build exactly the shape and layout you want, integrating grill, counters, storage and seating into one unified station.

Get creative stacking blocks vertically, angling them or even embedding lighting inside the hollows. Paint, tile or finish blocks to reflect your personal style.

6. Cinder Block Grill with Built-In Shelf

Get extra storage and workspace by building in a shelving unit along one side of your cinder block grill. Stack blocks to create the shelves, spacing them evenly to hold cookbooks, grilling tools and ingredients.

The shelving unit adds function without taking up any additional patio real estate since it integrates right into your grill surround.

7. Cinder Block Grill Island

Make your grill the centerpiece by constructing a standalone cinder block island. Build a square base from blocks, filling the holes with rubble for stability.

Add a recessed grill basin in the center. Top with counters then customize with storage, lighting and accessories. The eye-catching island grill makes a smart focal point.

8. Cinder Block Pizza Oven and Grill

Construct an L-shaped cinder block unit to house both your barbecue grill and a wood-fired pizza oven. Make each section wide enough to fit each appliance.

Top with stone or concrete for an industrial look. With both pizza and grilling abilities, your block structure becomes the ultimate outdoor cooking destination.

9. Rustic Cinder Block Grill Design

Keep your cinder block grill looking raw and industrial by leaving the blocks unfinished. Stack randomly for an imperfect style with gaps and uneven lines that emphasize the unfinished vibe.

Let any paint splatters, chips and scratches accumulate. Add rusted metal and barn wood accents to make a heavily weathered rustic grill.

10. Cinder Block Grill with Stone Veneer

Take your cinder block grill up a notch by adding a faux stone facade. Apply adhered stacked stone veneer panels over the visible blocks for beautiful texture and color.

Opt for natural hues like beige and gray that complement the block shape. The stone veneer disguises the industrial blocks for an elegantly rustic look.

11. Portable Cinder Block BBQ

Add wheels to your cinder block grill for a convenient mobile cooking station. Construct the block base on a plywood platform fitted with heavy duty casters.

Attach handles or hooks to make moving it around a breeze. Roll it out wherever the party moves – decks, patios, lawn or driveway.

12. Cinder Block Grill with Rotisserie

Equip your DIY cinder block grill for succulent rotisserie cooking. Include an electric rotisserie kit and extra long 3-foot blocks on each end to support the rotisserie rod.

Leave space between the blocks for the motor. Slow-spin your roasts over the smoky barbecue for even, crispy results.

13. Elevated Cinder Block BBQ

Raise your cinder block grill station by stacking blocks two or three high to lift the grill. This improves airflow and makes tending the grill more comfortable.

Build embedded shelving into the lower blocks for storage. Stairs on one side allow easy access. Get grilling from this convenient elevated height.

14. Cinder Block Grill with Wood Storage

Make your cinder block grill fully self-contained by integrating wood storage boxes on one end. Use shorter blocks to construct contained cubbies or shelving to stack your wood or charcoal.

They can also hold grill accessories like utensils and lighter fluid neatly out of sight but close at hand when grilling.

15. Cinder Block Grill with Brick Accent

Mix materials for visual interest by adding brick accents to your cinder block grill. Use full bricks to create borders, edging or trim work on the visible exterior portions of your grill surround.

The classic brick provides handsome contrast to the industrial block base. Choose complementary hues for a unified look.

Cinder Block Project Cost Estimates

Project Estimated Cinder Blocks Needed Estimated Cost
Basic grill surround 25-30 blocks $50-$75
Outdoor kitchen 70-100 blocks $150-$250
Extra counter space 10-15 blocks $25-$40
Fire pit grill insert 30-40 blocks $60-$100


Outdoor cooking stations built from inexpensive cinder blocks prove you can create an enviable backyard paradise on a budget. Tailor your grill design or full outdoor kitchen setup using versatile blocks. Then make it your own with creative finishing touches. With the remarkable potential of cinder blocks, you can build your dream grilling oasis to enjoy for years to come.


1. Can you use cinder blocks for a grill?

Yes, cinder blocks make an ideal base to build a grill surround, smoker, kitchen, or fire pit. Their heat resistance and structural integrity allow safe usage for grilling and fire.

2. Is it safe to use cinder blocks for a fire pit?

Cinder blocks are safe for containing fire pits when stacked properly and filled with sand or gravel for stability. Be sure to include ventilation holes and follow standard precautions for any open fire.

3. Can you build an outdoor kitchen with cinder blocks?

Absolutely. Cinder blocks are commonly used to construct DIY outdoor kitchens. Their modular design makes adding countertops, cabinetry, appliances and finishing details simple.

4. How can I make my cinder block wall look better?

Paint, wood planks, stucco, stone veneer panels, tile and landscaping can vastly improve plain block walls. Include accents like shelving, lighting, trim and murals.

5. How much does a cinder block outdoor kitchen cost?

A basic cinder block kitchen can be built for $500-$1500 depending on size. The blocks themselves generally run $1-2 per block. Finishes like counter materials, fixtures and appliances increase the budget.

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