Michael R. DavisWelcome To GrillGusto.com!

My name is Michael R. Davis and I’m thrilled to welcome you to GrillGusto.com, your new go-to resource for all things grilling and smoking! As an avid griller for over 15 years, I decided to create this website to share my passion for perfectly seared steaks, juicy burgers, and fall-off-the-bone ribs.

After receiving my first charcoal grill as a gift when I was in college, I was immediately hooked on the hands-on experience and mouthwatering flavors that only grilling can provide. I experimented with different rubs, marinades, woods for smoking, and grill setups in my backyard to take my barbecue game to the next level. Over the years, I’ve grilled everything from porterhouse steaks to whole chickens and racks of baby back ribs. I love being outside with my grill, enjoying the process of prepping, lighting the coals just right, and savoring the anticipating as I wait for that first sizzle.

Now, I want to pass on my grilling knowledge and passion to you. Here at GrillGusto.com, you’ll find tons of recipes, equipment reviews, grilling techniques, and tips for both novice backyard cooks and seasoned pitmasters. I’ll provide in-depth guides on topics like choosing the best grill or smoker for your needs, setting up the optimal grilling area, getting the perfect char on your steaks, and preparing competition-worthy ribs and brisket right in your own backyard. You can also browse through my collection of mouthwatering original recipes for ribs, chicken, salmon, veggies, even grilled desserts!

GrillGusto.com isn’t just a website; it’s a community. I encourage you to dive into the comments, share your experiences, ask questions, and learn alongside fellow grill lovers. After all, grilling isn’t just about food; it’s about the memories, the shared experiences, and the joy of crafting something delicious with your own two hands.

My mission is to help you gain the skills and confidence to become a grill master yourself. So fire up those coals, get your tongs ready, and let’s start grilling! I’m thrilled to have you along for the delicious ride. Now who’s ready to get grillin’?

Thank you for stopping by, and here’s to many delightful grilling adventures together!


Michael R. Davis