15 Stylish Built-in Grill Ideas for Your Backyard

15 Built-in Grill Ideas

When you’re ready to take your outdoor cooking to the next level, it’s time to build in your grill. Integrating your barbecue into patios and alfresco kitchens creates a seamless, upscale look and dedicated grilling station.

Built-in grills prevent having to lug around cumbersome portable units every time you want to cook outdoors. They also allow for attractive customized surrounds that match your yard’s style.

Whether you’re designing a new outdoor living space or upgrading an existing one, these 15 built-in grill ideas will spark inspiration for your permanent backyard cooking center.

Constructing a masonry or stone surround creates a coveted built-in look for your barbecue. Integrating the grill into patio hardscaping lends a polished, high-end feel. Built-in units also take up less room than freestanding carts, making them perfect for small patios.

When planning your built-in grill, first decide on gas or charcoal. Measure the space to fit a grill at least 32 inches wide. Incorporate ample counter space plus storage for grilling tools. Coordinate the materials with your patio. Then start designing the ideal built-in grill to take your outdoor cooking and entertaining to a new level of luxury.

15 Stylish and Functional Built-In Grill Ideas for Your Backyard

1. Stonework Elegance

For upscale elegance, construct your grill surround from natural stone in an organic shape. Use irregular flagstones or fieldstone mortared together to make the built-in enclosure. Choose greys, tans and browns to complement the yard.

Leave an opening to insert your stainless steel grill. The rugged stonework brings harmony with nature while the sleek grill provides modern convenience.

2. Timeless Brick BBQ Charm

You can’t go wrong surrounding your grill in classic brick, which provides timeless visual appeal. Use brick veneer over a sturdy base, or do a full brick masonry build. Lay the bricks in varied patterns like herringbone for added flair.

Paint the mortar white or cream for a casual cottage look. Brick’s handcrafted imperfections impart cozy warmth and make a built-in grill feel like it’s always been there.

3. Low-Maintenance Concrete Concepts

For fuss-free durability, construct your built-in BBQ station from concrete. Pour concrete into molds or build up blocks to form the base. Use a mix with pebbles or stones for interest.

Concrete’s smooth, neutral palette complements any style. Seal the concrete and install your grill for an effortless, modern backyard cooking space.

4. Sleek Contemporary Functionality

Get a slick, contemporary vibe from a stucco surround in white or gray. Build up the grill alcove using cement backerboard covered in stucco. Or frame it out in cedar then coat in stucco.

The smooth, bright finish creates a clean, seamless look for your high-end grill. Add a granite or quartz counter for an ultra-modern outdoor cooking station.

Table 1: Built-In Grill Materials Comparison

Material Pros Cons
Stone Natural aesthetic, durability, matches landscape Higher cost, more labor intensive
Brick Traditional charm, variety of looks, budget-friendly Less hardy, can crack over time
Concrete Low maintenance, neutral palette, pours into any shape Prone to cracks if not properly sealed
Stucco Sleek and clean, brightens up space, modern appeal Surface can chip or flake over time

5. Install Your Grill Poolside

Bring poolside luxury to your backyard with a built-in grill integrated into patio hardscaping near the pool. Use mosaic tiles or cool hues like aqua bricks to complement the watery palette.

Let guests grill snacks and chat with the swim crowd without missing any fun. The poolside grill enables seamless entertaining from baking sun to starlit cocktails.

6. Create a Full Outdoor Kitchen Layout

Dream big and construct an entire outdoor kitchen anchored by your stellar built-in grill. Complement with cabinetry, countertops, a sink, prep space, dining area and more.

Include surfaces like granite, concrete and tile to echo your home’s kitchen aesthetic. With a whole kitchen outdoors, you may never cook inside again!

7. Crafted Stonework Grill

Hand-stack natural stones like a pro to create a stunning built-in grill statement. Use your choice of rock like weathered bluestone, sandstone or schist.

Cut pieces to fit together tightly without mortar. The precision of the dry-stacked stone shows off your craftsmanship. Let the multi-sized pieces create organic lines and character.

8. Outdoor Grill Backsplash Ideas

Line the wall behind your built-in grill with a decorative and protective backsplash. Use heat-safe tiles or panels in materials like metal, glass or cement.

Add pops of color, whimsical patterns and prints to express your personal flare. The backsplash guards against splatters and moisture while boosting style.

9. Built-In BBQ Grill Surround

One of the easiest ways to achieve the built-in look is constructing a masonry surround for your existing freestanding grill. Use concrete blocks or bricks to make a U-shape enclosure.

Set your grill into the opening. Finish off the visible sides with stone, stucco or other decorative facades. Add side tables or shelves as needed to complete your built-in station.

10. Modular DIY Grill Station

Keep costs down while still enjoying customized built-in style with modular grill cabinetry. Assemble stock outdoor cabinets and pieces to create your ideal layout.

In the center, cut an opening to insert your grill. Finish the walls and surround in materials like wood, tile or fiber cement boards. Durable, affordable and completely customizable.

11. Stone Grill Island

For a luxe standalone unit, construct a stone grill island. Build a stout base from concrete or blocks. Cut and place irregular flagstones or ledger rock around the exterior.

In the center, leave room for your grill basin. The striking stone island becomes a focal point while giving you serious grilling space.

12. Elegant Curves in Grill Design

Incorporate flowing lines and sensual curves to your built-in grill layout for an elegant, organic look. Use rounded masonry or bullnose bricks to create curves.

Or pour curved concrete forms. The softer lines provide a striking yet welcoming feel. Choose rich materials like iridescent glass tiles or quartz for high-end finesse.

13. Grilling Station with Countertops

Outfit your built-in grill with ample countertop workspace for food prep and presentation. Granite, concrete and stone work well for heat resistance and durability.

Include counters across from the grill for a kitchen-like setup. Or design countertops in a L-shape wrapping around the grill station. Keep your condiments, tools and grilled goodies organized.

14. Stainless Steel Built-In Grill

Let your grill be the highlight by constructing a sleek, minimalist surround from silver stainless steel. Use steel panels or welding rods for the clean, uniform built-in enclosure.

Allow the high-end stainless grill to take center stage. The refined, neutral palette pairs beautifully with natural stone accents.

15. Outdoor Grill Island with Barbecue Counter

For a showstopping centerpiece, construct a substantial grill island with built-in countertop. Use concrete, brick or stacked stone for the base. Include cabinets or shelves for storage.

One side houses the heavy duty grill. The opposite side offers a roomy countertop prep area so the chef can work in harmony with the grill.


The right built-in grill design transforms your backyard into the ultimate outdoor living and entertaining space. When integrated into patios and alfresco kitchens, your barbecue equipment elevates from utilitarian to spectacular. Spend some time exploring layouts and material finishes to construct your dream built-in grilling station. Then get ready to fire it up for endless backyard gatherings!

FAQs About Constructing Built-In Grills

Can I turn my grill into a built in grill?

Yes, most standard sized freestanding grills can be converted into built-in style with some simple construction work. Just be sure to allow for proper ventilation in your custom surround. Also check the weight to ensure your base materials will support a built-in application.

What do you put under a built in grill?

The base under a built-in grill should be solid, level and made from non-combustible materials. Concrete, stone, stucco and brick all work well. The base must securely support the weight of the grill. Allow at least an inch gap between the grill bottom and base for ventilation.

Are built in BBQ worth it?

Built-in grills require a bigger upfront investment but provide longevity and increased functionality that make them worth the cost. Well-constructed built-ins have a much longer lifespan than portable grills. They also create a seamless, upscale look not possible with freestanding units.

What to look for when buying a built in grill?

Look for sturdy construction, ample BTUs for heating power, quality grates and sufficient size. Be sure the grill matches the fuel type, ventilation and clearance your built-in setup allows. Stainless steel interiors hold up best. Also ensure easy access to gas lines or electricity if needed.

Stacked stone or brick, poured concrete, stucco and tile are commonly used for grill surrounds. Natural stone provides an organic, handsome look. Stucco and tile give a sleek, contemporary vibe. Brick conveys timeworn charm. Durable concrete offers flexibility in pouring unique shapes.

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